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John Shima Shooting Instruction

The Shima Shooting Method is a time-tested teaching format that has been the staple of John's shooting instruction for more than thirty years. This natural approach to shooting clay targets has been effective for groups and individuals of all ages and shooting skill levels. These sessions are relatively un-structured and focus on the identification and correction of shooting faults to effect an immediate improvement in the shooter’s ability to break more targets and enhance the joy of shooting.




This new concept was introduced in 2017 for skeet and sporting clays shooters who are committed to accelerating the realization their true shooting potential.  This unique shooting experience is an intensive program that progresses through a specific series of drills that are intended to teach shooters how to program pre-planned moves for various target presentations and integrate them into reliable and consistent shooting habits. Go to the Shima Shooting Experience for additional information about this unique shooting and life changing experience.

Destination Clinics

This format was introduced in 2015 to accommodate clients with private shooting facilities as well as small private groups and corporate clients who wish to combine 3-4 hours of traditional shooting instruction each morning with a superb vacation.  Destination Clinics have been held annually at The Ranch at Rock Creek near Philipsburg, MT and The Koele Lodge near Lanai City, HI. These luxurious resort facilities offer spectacular Skeet and Sporting Clays venues for the enjoyment of shooters and a variety of appealing amenities for family members and non-shooting traveling companions. Arrangements can also be made at other resorts that provide shooting facilities. The size of the group, interests of the shooters, and the policies at each resort determine the costs for instructor’s fee, targets, and ammunition.

Private Sessions

Personalized instruction by appointment for individuals at any skill level. These sessions will address gun fit and visual problems.  Shooters interested in purchasing a new shotgun may try a K-80, K-20, Kolar and Blaser shotgun when the sessions are conducted in San Antonio, TX. The fee is $350 per hour for private instruction, anywhere in the USA. Targets and ammunition are not included.

Half Day Clinics

This personalized teaching session is limited to four shooters with any skill level for four-hours. The format begins with assessment of gun fit, eye dominance and hand-eye coordination and covers the basic elements ofThe Shima Shooting Method  with training drills for skeet and sporting clays. The fee is $350 per person for a 4-hour session with four people.  Targets and ammunition are not included.  The fee is $450 per person for a four hour session with three people, which means more time and personal attention per shooter.


Full Day Clinics


This personalized teaching session is limited to four or five shooters with any skill level for eight-hours. The format begins with assessment of gun fit, eye dominance and hand-eye coordination and expands to all aspects of the The Shima Shooting Method  that includes the “Heads Up” technique. When time and skill levels permit this format includes doubles at stations 3, 4 and 5 for skeet shooters. The fee is $700 each shooter per day-long session (4 shooter limit). Targets and ammunition are not included.

Country Club Clinics

This format was created for several Country Clubs across the nation that switch from golf to skeet facilities during the winter months. Many of these members only know skeet as a winter sport. This format consists of three shooters with variable skill levels in two-hour sessions.  The intention is to address particular shooting problems on specific stations.  There is no discussion of shooting theory or philosophy.  The fee is $225 each shooter per 2-hour session (limit 3 shooters). Targets and ammunition are not included.

Youth Shooting Programs

John is an enthusiastic supporter of youth shooting programs such as SCTP, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and 4H.  John is eager to work with organizers and coaches of established youth shooting programs.  Please contact John via email to discuss possibilities.
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