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The Shima Shooting Experience


This new concept was introduced in 2017 for skeet and sporting clays shooters who are committed to accelerating the realization their true shooting potential.  This unique shooting experience is an intensive program that progresses through a specific series of drills that are intended to teach shooters how to program pre-planned moves for various target presentations and integrate them into reliable and consistent shooting habits.  
  • Location - The Experience is only offered during the spring and late fall for a group of four or five shooters at the National Shooting Complex in San Antonio, TX.  In addition to being the venue of the NSSA and NSCA World Championships it is the world’s largest clay target shooting facility.  Shooters will also experience the famous Alamo, the Riverwalk, as well as some of San Antonio's distinctive cafes and finer restaurants. Groups are encouraged to stay at the same hotel along Loop 410. The DoubleTree by Hilton at San Antonio Airport is economical and convenient.


  • Format - The group will spend three full days together shooting 500-750 clay targets and sharing thoughts and opinions about shooting, life, dreams and goals. Some participants in the Shima Shooting ExperienceSM remarked this clinic not only changed the way they shoot; it changed with way they live.


  • Shooting Gear - Clay target shooting is an outdoor sport.  Therefore, shooters must be prepared to shoot in hot, cold, and light rain conditions just as they would in competition. Each shooter must bring personal shotgun, eye glasses and ear protection. Try-guns such as a K-80, K-20, Kolar and Blaser may be available.


  • Clinic Fee - The comprehensive fee for skeet is $2,500 each shooter. Due to the higher cost for targets the fee for sporting clays is $2,900 each shooter.  All target fees, ammunition, as well as group lunches and dinners are included in the clinic fee. Transportation to and from the National Shooting Complex, the hotel, and restaurants will be provided for members of the group. Each shooter is responsible for travel to and from San Antonio, TX, hotel accommodations and alcohol during meals. Payment of entire fee by check or credit card is due at the time of reservation. Cancellations are permitted one month prior to the scheduled clinic.

Shima Shooting Experience Testimonials

"I was very fortunate to attend the first Shima Shooting Experience clinic in San

Antonio. Being a new shooter, I just wanted to learn how to shoot properly so that

I can enjoy the game of skeet more.  John worked his magic on me and

improved my game tremendously. I had a great time learning new things and

making new friends. The clinic was well worth the money and the long plane ride

for me."

Wayne Y.

Honolulu, HI

March 2-5, 2017

"I have attended several of John's previous clinic sessions.  The Shima Shooting

Experience not only helped my mechanical game, like every clinic does, it also

helped me clear my mind to bring out my true shooting self. Our group

discussions were most helpful and thought provoking."

Denny S.

Honolulu, HI

March 2-5, 2017

“Despite years of counseling therapy for my severe ADD, no one told me I had

two minds and didn’t have to react to every thought in my head. John’s shooting

method has made me a different person, not only on the skeet field but also at

home and at work. Instead of being frustrated, shooting skeet John’s way has

changed my life!”

Dean S.

Honolulu, HI

March 2-5, 2017

“When I was younger the competitiveness I brought to the skeet field supported

really great scores. As I have gotten older my abilities have changed. What ‘feels

like’ the old move does not give the same result. Expectations based upon old

feelings and moves now cause striving and struggling. By transitioning from

being a careful hitter to a mindful shooter I have a different approach to my

‘station management’ that results in a higher level of enjoyment that is

independent of my score. The Shima Shooting Experience helped me find this

new path in my shooting journey.”

Murrell S.

Gibson Island, MD

March 2-5, 2017

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